About Us


Guinea Pig Name was founded in 2021 by Litho Duncan. Your guinea pig is the most sensitive pet you could adopt, and it must be taken care of. It needs to be protected from the harmful elements in the environment, the water you drink, and the food you eat. Many have endangered themselves over the years, very few actually get save and treated as a true pet! Understand the importance of taking care your Cavia porcellus Please!

At Guinea Pig Name, we aim to offer crucial information that will help you understand what it is that your domesticated guinea pig needs and how those needs can be very different from some other pets humans are used to. We offer reviews and buyer guides on products like: face can guinea pigs eat peaches, can guinea pigs eat radishes, midwest guinea pig habitat plus, can guinea pigs eat avacados, can guinea pigs eat kiwi.

You can easily access the articles through the 4 different sections of the website. A group of talented and passionate writers carry out the research work and provide you with all that you need to know about the various products. You can then make an informed decision. Many of our products are hand tested for true information detailed to you as a faithful reader.